Zenly MOD APK v5.0.5

Zenly APK is a location-sharing app from which to locate your friends and relatives so that you can find and contact them as quickly as possible, anytime, anywhere.

Get closer to your really close relationships

The fact that you are in one place, close friends, lovers, relatives, children in a faraway place will make relationships sometimes difficult. Your best friend who was previously very diligent suddenly dropped out of school didn’t come home, you don’t know what happened.

You have children, want to protect your children at all times, but definitely cannot follow them to school or go with them and their friends. You want to know where your lover is.

Those situations make you very frustrated, and just wish there was an app to help you know where your loved ones are. I’m sure this is when you need Zenly the most.

What is Zenly?

Zenly is an app that helps locate someone. If your friends and you installed Zenly on phone, you both can find and locate where the other is.

Information about you and their location in real-time will show up on each other’s phones.

Zenly is also an app that supports quick and convenient communication with friends and family even when they are on the go.

Especially, if the other person has not installed this application, then Zenly can also help you create a temporary link to share your location to track the route.

Is Zenly a social network?

You can call it that. Because Zenly’s essence is to help connect people with people through locating each other in real-time. Or maybe not. Because Zenly’s main function specializes in positioning, it is not exactly the ideal environment for communicating through images and videos like today’s popular social networks.

Zenly, for me personally, in the process of using it, is very convenient, but only suitable for close, deep relationships that need long-term empathy.

Zenly helps connect in its own way

By using the same app, locating each other, you can see if your friends are near where you are. Or you can use Zenly to contact and track your route with friends.

Through this locating process, Zenly also helps you to provide statistics: how often you are closest to each other, who interacts with you most often.

Zenly is a tool for communication, messaging, chatting with relatives and friends

In addition to location capabilities, Zenly also can chat directly with a person in the network, right from the app without having to switch to another messaging application. Just like you can see the route and chat privately with a Grab driver while booking and waiting for the car to arrive, but these are close personal relationships. And Zenly is just between you and those people.

Zenly, the powerful navigation app

When you have determined where you need to go (the place of your loved ones, friends), Zenly will automatically suggest the fastest, nearest route for you to run immediately to that person.

The whole process of continuously updating location, moving, calculating distances, texting back and forth to stay in touch via Zenly is quick, does not consume as much battery and memory space as other navigation apps.

Especially, for emergencies, Zenly also helps you display the battery level in the other person’s phone. Phones with Zenly installed will display emergency phone numbers to contact people in your network.

Download Zenly MOD APK for Android

No one knows what will happen, in close, but reluctant relationships, there are more risks. Having a convenient location and communication app like Zenly will give you a lot more peace of mind.

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