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Zenonia 4 MOD APK is an action-adventure game, published by Gamevil. This is an extremely attractive game on mobile platforms in 2011 and 2012. Until now, this game is still very popular with many different character development directions.

The story

It seemed that everything was over in part 3, but the ancient demons appeared again. They appear a lot in the human world, threatening the lives of innocent people.

The main character is Regret set 10 years later from Zenonia 3. Regret has fallen into a world called Land of the Fallen, a world between life and death. There, he meets himself, who returns from the future to send him a warning.

The forces of darkness led by the demon lord are rising and are threatening the land of Zenonia. With the help of the fairy Anya, Regret will be tasked with finding and stopping them to bring peace to the land of Zenonia.


As usual, Zenonia 4 possesses the same role-playing action gameplay as the previous parts. You will transform into the characters and go to perform the tasks, level up, plow equipment… The game will end when you kill the demon king.

However, in this part, the developer has added co-op and online battle modes, you can play with your friends in this game. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose 1 of 4 character classes. You will have to perform tasks from NPCs to level up, get money to buy items and develop your character.

The way to control the character is extremely simple. The game takes the perspective from above. Use the virtual d-pad on the mobile screen to move, press the buttons on the right to launch basic attacks or hero skills. Combine moves to create combos to drain enemy health quickly. Along with that, you need to move to dodge the enemy’s moves and avoid letting the health bar drop to 0.


The game will allow you to choose one of four character classes including Blader, Ranger, Slayer and Druid. Each class has its own strengths and have many different development styles.

For example, Blader, you can build in the direction of pure damage, pure tank or hybrid to both deal damage without dying in a few skills. For Ranger, absolutely do not increase points in CON because it is a waste of points and only converts a little bit of points into HP.

Next is Slayer, the simplest champion in Zenonia 4, you can die less in the early stages and save money later, Slayer’s 1vs1 ability is unquestionable. Finally, Druid, this is the mage character class and also the most difficult to play. About this class, I only think of it as maximizing INT points to optimize damage from skills.


As for equipment, in the early stages you should keep as much money as you can because later you have to use a lot. In the mid and late game, you need a lot of money to buy, match and remove equipment. If you invest in the early stages, it will be very wasteful and your champion increase in strength very slowly. In addition, you can also use money in real life to buy some other powerful equipment.

Co-op and PVP modes

To increase the fun, Gamevil added a PVP feature. Now, you can join your friends in Dungeons, go on adventures or compete online. There are two modes of competition that are 1vs1 and 2vs2. In addition, you can go Trials together to fight monsters stronger than outside, you can form a team of 2 people to explore and get many attractive rewards. Trials will give you a lot of experience to level up quickly.


Zenonia 4 possesses quite simple graphics. From the design for the characters to the map, everything is very rough because this game has been released since 2011, the graphics technology has not yet developed, so it cannot be compared with the blockbuster AAA graphic games.

However, many people prefer such a graphic design, although it is not beautiful, it gives me a more enjoyable feeling.

In the snowy mountain map, there are some players who experience frame drops when playing, please set the graphics to the lowest level for a smoother experience. Because they have released the final version for this game, until now, this bug has not been fixed.

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In short, Zenonia 4 is a very attractive game in terms of gameplay. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when it has occupied the top of the chart for many consecutive weeks. But this is still not the last part of the series, Gamevil has released 2 new games about the land of Zenonia, Zenonia 5 and Zenonia S. But the article is limited, see you in the next part about this Zenonia series.

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