ZIO and the Magic Scrolls MOD APK v1.2.7

Hero card role-playing game with unique Magic Scrolls mechanism . ZIO and the Magic Scrolls MOD APK

The game is set from the famous webtoon series of the same name in Korea. The entire magical scene and magically attractive characters will be fully recreated through the card strategy gameplay.


Like the original story, ZIO and the Magic Scrolls follows the tumultuous, tense times of the magical land of Aerok. This game recreates inconclusive wars between Mages and Dark Witches.

Long ago, the great magician Zio used his powerful sealing magic to obliterate and imprison the Dark Wizards. He must pay a high price, he lost most of his spells, only could use magic with the help of scrolls.

Zio can swap these scrolls but could only carry a maximum of 3 at a time.

The price was too expensive, right? The great mage was then almost completely weakened, while the young mages were still immature. Just a short time after that time of sealing.

Some mages with evil thoughts and crazy ambitions sought to revive the Dark Witch and the god of Evil, the Evil Dragons. They gathered to take control of this magical world.

Will the talented magician, you, have the strength to return peace to this eternal land?

Classic card role-playing gameplay

ZIO and the Magic Scrolls has many of the powerful features of a card role-playing game. This genre is inherently familiar to mobile game players. But in ZIO and the Magic Scrolls, you will see more extraordinary things.

If you are a ‘mage player’, then ZIO and the Magic Scrolls is a place for you to freely roam. Never seen a game that focuses on so many magicians and creates such a rich and dense system.

As a mage with many abilities, you can freely call, recruit, collect other young mages, collect magic scrolls, and constantly upgrade your squad to go deep into battles.

To prevail in intense magical wars, you must understand each character in your squad in respect of skills, moves, and upgrade paths. From that understanding, make the most of each person’s skills.

And make the right selection of magic scrolls. Form a formation with a sharp strategy, arrange a reasonable order, and then attack quickly.

The game has a total of 4 chapters and 22 levels. Each level is an adventure leading to many different mysteries throughout the story. You can choose to play according to the story, or play online PVP against other players, or fight in intense boss battle mode.

Each mode has many attractive rewards. Use this reward to upgrade your squad and form a powerful army of mages.

Exclusive magic scroll mechanism

The general role-playing genre in ZIO and the Magic Scrolls is still the classic way you have often seen. As I mentioned above, it still revolves around recruiting generals, building squads, fighting, training, and upgrading.

But ZIO and the Magic Scrolls, inspired by the reluctant situation of the character Zio in the story, also has a unique magic scroll mechanism.

To be able to pull out a scroll of magic scrolls, you will need mana. Each scroll will require a different amount of mana. Each player will be allowed to bring 3 magic scrolls into the battle. Each scroll is a different type of magic: scorching, thundering, hurricane, freezing opponents…

The game has a total of 18 magic scrolls. That means you will be able to rotate in 18 different types of spells. And each combination of 3 in a fight will create different magic attack moves. If you apply well and have talented general card characters, you will easily master the situation.


Although the game uses only 2D graphics to show all card battles, the setting in it can surprise you with the depth, detail, and mystery of the magical world space.

But the point that makes the game brand is the creation and description of the skills of each character. Each person has their features, body shape, cool face, and personality.

The movements of all are smooth, delicate, their moves are epic, explosive, and precise.

Download ZIO and the Magic Scrolls MOD APK for Android

With the statement “Magic must be for people”, ZIO and the Magic Scrolls is a game that makes it possible for anyone to have a lot of magic and freely use them according to their strategy. The game offers excellent character creation and an unpredictable spooky background.

It is absolutely a card strategy game worth playing on mobile. What are you waiting for? Let’s try it out! 

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