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About Zombie Frontier 3MOD APK

The apocalyptic world of zombies has always been an endless source of inspiration for game creators. However, it is difficult to find a highly addictive zombie fighting game. If you are looking forward to fierce battles, survival battles with extreme horror, Zombie Frontier 3 is the right choice. After the success of the previous part, now this world is a real cemetery. Where life and death are extremely fragile boundaries.


You are living in a normal life in a bustling city. You and other residents who have their own life and work. One day, after only one night, a peaceful life suddenly became terrible. The city was peaceful for a moment filled with blood and stench. Somewhere there was a desperate groan in the terrifying sounds of monsters. A deadly vaccine that turns people into zombies quickly dispersed. The disaster in Zombie Frontier 3 has come to start for a doomsday not far away?

You are the only one who survived the chaos. Seeing people around you from relatives, friends turn into lifeless and disgusting zombies. This world is full of aghast and fear. Forget that fear, your survival is the only fragile opportunity for survival on Earth. Family feelings or love are now meaningless. At any rate, don’t give up life, at least until peace repeats on Earth.

FPS zombie game

In Zombie Frontier 3, you play as the soldier in a zombie apocalypse. Your task is to hold the gun up and repel the rampaging zombies to rescue the survivors. First-person shooter (FPS) always brings the most realistic feeling to players. That’s true for the Zombie Frontier series.

The gameplay of the game is quite simple with the character moving automatically. Therefore, all you need to do is aim really well and shoot accurately. On the left, you need to slide your finger to see. On the right, there are buttons to perform shooting and weapon selection. You can use hand grenades or shoot adrenaline shots to rescue ordinary people. Since the character automatically moves, you must perform the manipulations with the weapon in the most accurate and efficient way. Especially the headshots.

A zombie disaster

Stressful and suffocating battles are the most addictive point of Zombie Frontier 3. With the number of crazy and bloodthirsty enemies, you have to fight endlessly if you don’t want to be a “meal” for them. System tasks in the game are extremely diverse and up to 120 tasks. Includes 60 sniper missions, rescue hostages or destroy the zombie hordes. In particular, you are challenged with 4 stages to defeat giant bosses. To overcome the mission of the game, you really have to have a steel spirit and quick mind to devise effective combat plans.

In addition to fighting alone, you can completely team with many other members to battle sniper missions. A number of special events regularly organized will be a place where many talented people gather everywhere. The most important thing is not winning in fierce battles, but accomplishing a noble mission with the peace of mankind. You must learn the origin and truth of the zombie vaccine, eradicate the zombie hordes to return peace to the city.


A first-person shooter is often characterized by a series of impressive weapons. So is Zombie Frontier 3. Experience the first view that allows you to clearly see the variety, beauty and power of each gun. There are countless guns for you to choose according to your own tactics such as rifles, sniper rifles, pistols or machine guns, … There are weapons that are too familiar with shooters like AK 47, MP5, Desert Eagle, FN Scar, … Each type of gun has strong and weak points, requiring players to know how to exploit and maximize their advantages before powerful enemies. Choose the right weapon and use it effectively, making your gun become a killing machine.Weapons are quite expensive. Upgrading them helps you increase the damage of each bullet and lots of great additions. When using our Zombie Frontier 3 (MOD Unlimited Money), the game gives you unlimited amounts of money and gems. You can buy and upgrade any weapon you want. It can be said that each gun is both an art and a user is no different from an artist. Therefore, you must use them with all your talents, enthusiasm and love.

Graphics and sound

Zombie Frontier 3 has high-quality 3D graphics with realistic images that represent an upcoming apocalypse. The scenes of the gloomy sky, the blurred space are the clearest prediction of the apocalyptic era. In addition, the sound is a combination of the screams of zombies, the desperate groans of weak people. All of these elements create a panoramic world of the zombie apocalypse.

MOD APK version of Zombie Frontier 3

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: All 3 currencies in the game are unlimited from the beginning.


You will not be able to log into the game with Google Play to save progress. Therefore, your MOD data will only be available on installed devices and cannot be transferred to other devices.

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If you’ve ever been crazy about  try Zombie Frontier 3 today. Many players in the world have stepped into fierce battles with zombies. What about you? Over 10 million downloads and thousands of 5-star reviews on App Store and Google Play in a short time is a clear affirmation of the popularity of this game. A good game like that, would you have a reason to miss it?

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