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Introduce about Zoo 2: Animal ParkMOD APK

Anyone who has a great love for animals has once thought about creating a happy living space for them. But as for the idea of ​​building a zoo, I did not dare to think.

Because this is a job that requires a lot of things. Love is not enough. You must have capital, skill, enthusiasm, strategy, earning ability, passion, above all, boundless love for animals. Is that enough? If you still have doubts, try your hand at this simulation game.

Zoo 2: Animal Park, in essence, is also a typical building and management simulation game. That means you must have many different strategies to create your passion world. Your goal in the game is from a small platform is a tiny zoo, through the process of renovation, construction and development, turning it into a a zoo that is properly grown, and on its own can yield good enough profits to support itself.

It sounds simple. But in fact, as I said above, this is a long, laborious process that requires heart and mind and outstanding patience. So when we start playing, we need…

All big things come from small beginnings

In Zoo 2, you will be able to choose your character from a gentle uncle, a beautiful young girl or a diligent and enthusiastic guy. There is no measure for choosing, just choose who you like to enjoy the game.

After that, the game will introduce the small zoo space you have. Everything is neat, tidy and simple, but remember, this is just the beginning.

You will be led by the narrator to each mission in turn. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small thing or a big thing, we just do it, don’t rush to judge its importance. Because all these assignments bring you money, items and materials needed for the long haul. The game tells me in advance the volume and the to-do list (in the task log in the left corner of the screen). Whatever you can do, do it as quickly as possible.

You can start earning extra money with the ice cream trucks, food trucks, drinks and even animal food available in the zoo. These services need to always upgrade in both quality and quantity and the menu to satisfy as many guests as possible.

Strategize, build and grow the zoo into a zoo empire

Once you have some capital and basic materials in hand, you will continue to strategize, build and develop the zoo into a zoo empire.

Strategically, we need to consider which animal area should be developed first, how to allocate care staff, and what areas to put in maintenance and which area for customers. Those are important parts that bring a big vision, decisive to the expansion scale of the future zoo.

In terms of construction, you need to take advantage of the resources you have from resources to items to build a series of animal cages, irrigation systems, food, drink and treatment systems for animals. In addition, there should also be areas dedicated to entertainment services for visitors. This is quite an important part to keep visitors in the zoo/zoo longer, thereby earning more profit.

In terms of development, you need to make large-scale decisions such as expanding the number of animals, hiring more employees to automate the work, calling for more investors and adding entertainment and utility services for customers. In parallel, there are stages of marketing and promotion to the people in the region, and later throughout the country. Development will cost you a lot of money so it should be prioritized properly. Spending too much money to promote while the service and number of pets at the zoo are not really diverse is clearly a waste.

Besides the zoo, you also have many other things

Once you’ve reached level 6, you’ll have a new ability: make friends, invite them to visit the zoo, and connect with everyone in the Zoo 2: Animal Park community. The more friends you have, the more chances you have to get valuable rewards.

I have a small note that in Zoo 2: Animal Park, we have 2 types of money.

  • Coins: Collected from large and small tasks along the way, used to spend on odd jobs such as paying salaries, buying bricks and stones, building animal cages…
  • Diamonds: This is much harder to find, only obtained from large quests, or in friendship chests. Diamonds should be used selectively as buying absolutely rare items equals a lot of coins.

Solve the whole problem of construction, management and development mentioned above, you will sooner or later reap success. The Zoo will soon become the Big Zoo, a great destination for everyone during the weekends. That is also the destination of your success when playing this game.

Zoo 2: Animal Park is not just a game

The first is the human factor. Role-playing is completely true to the role of zoo director. That is, in addition to the strategic and thoughtful tasks every day, you can also communicate with the cute animals in the game, from the growling tigers to adorable pandas or big elephants. You can freely walk around, chat and interact to your animals.

Download Zoo 2: Animal Park MODAPK for Android

Impressive 3D graphics, animal-like animations, accompanied by vivid sound systems of each species, on the background of light and cheerful music of the game. I’m very sure, anyone who loves animals can hardly resist the attraction of Zoo 2: Animal Park.

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